Footing & Foundation Inspections

As with any earthwork operation, problems can arise that require geotechnical engineering input. Only qualified Rox Engineering personnel will conduct and approve footing and foundation inspections. Foundations will be inspected for adequacy of bearing material, conformance with specifications with respect to dimensions, and re-bar placement. Rox Engineering geotechnical engineers perform testing and observation of footings and spread foundations. Such testing is necessary to determine the appropriateness of the bearing level, the adequacy of the bearing materials and the conformity of the foundation to the specification with respect to depth, planned dimensions, cleanliness, etc.

Footing and Foundation inspections are necessary because a proper foundation will prevent many settling and instability problems.  Items inspected include:

  • Brick ledge (if applicable) level and integrity
  • Damp proofing, back fill, and all excavations
  • Footing depth, width, and level
  • Foundations drains
  • Foundation wall and slab thickness and level
  • Placement of forms, reinforcing wire, poles, piers, etc.
  • Slab framing, if relevant