At Rox Engineering, we provide a full range of environmental, geotechnical and construction inspection services. They include geotechnical engineering and drilling; construction quality control; structural steel inspection; soils, concrete, and masonry testing and inspection; environmental consulting; quality assurance; roof consulting; core drilling services; and radiographic testing.

Our staff of environmental scientists, biologists and cultural resources experts have performed more than 1,000 due diligence assessments, NEPA actions, and archeological and architectural surveys throughout the Midwest, Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Regions. The environmental group provides regulatory compliance, facility management, environmental site assessments, hazardous waste management, and underground storage tank management and mitigation. In addition, we have streamlined the firm's environmental services to meet the fast-paced requirements for site election and deployment with the PCS wireless communications industry.

Our geotechnical engineering services generally involve a subsurface characterization of individual sites with an engineering evaluation of conditions as they may influence project development. Rox Engineering provides a full range of geotechnical services to render an accurate assessment of geologic and geotechnical conditions at a site and makes recommendations regarding soil and foundation analysis.

Our construction inspection and quality assurance/quality control services cover soils, rock, concrete, asphalt, geosynthetics, deep foundations and field load tests. Construction management firms and building contractors choose Rox Engineering for our prompt response, state-of-the-art equipment and dependable high-quality engineers and inspectors.