Concrete Framework & Rebar Inspections

Reinforced concrete has been one of the basic building construction materials. Buildings, bridges, tunnels and other civil engineering structures use this material frequently.  The deterioration and cracking of reinforced concrete structures is a considerable problem and the rebar corrosion is one of the main causes of these defects.  A suitable inspection technique of rebar structures is important for choosing the most appropriate time to their reparation.  In the most cases, the corrosion of steel rebar in concrete structures
is not visually evident.

reBarFramework and Rebar inspections are necessary as the initial step toward a successful concrete placement. Rox Engineering performs a concrete inspection survey using radar to locate rebar, pipes, tension bars, dowels, and plastic and fiber optic conduits. We can also detect voids within concrete slabs and under concrete slabs. Rox Engineering can perform a concrete inspection survey of concrete block walls, concrete floors, concrete slabs, airport runways, tunnels, abutments, dams, and garages. Asphalt roads and surfaces can also be scanned.  Concrete as thick as 12 to 18 inches can be scanned. The condition of concrete slabs is inspected including relative thickness, deterioration, and structure problems.