Transaction Screens

A transaction screen (ASTM 1528-00), is a modified Phase I ESA that has become widely used in real estate transfers for a quick reconnaissance of a property that is suspected of having a low probability of environmental contamination. This is generally performed on real estate transfers that are suspected of having a low probability of environmental concern.  This evaluation includes a site visit and an IEDS search. Rox Engineering will perform this level of review within 10-days and at 1/3rd the cost of conducting a Phase I ESA.

The Transaction Screen is geared for commercial properties such as office buildings, and retail stores, residential properties such as housing tracts, apartment complexes, senior-housing facilities and vacant properties or undeveloped land.  The purpose of the transaction screen is to identify obvious environmental concerns and it is considered a minimum due diligence for commercial real estate.

The Transaction Screen can include the following:

  • Site inspection with photo documentation
  • Search and review of underground tank agency record
  • Completion of questionnaires for the owner, inspector, and occupant
  • Review of a computer-generated regulatory agency database report containing maps
  • A report with concise conclusions and recommendations

The Transaction Screen Report includes recommendations as to whether further assessment of environmental concerns identified at the property is warranted.